St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church of Chicago


St. Tabitha's Kitchen


St. Tabitha's will cater all of your events and parties

The income of this service and any of your donations goes to the disabled, home visitations, sick, and elderly with no or low income church's member

St. Tabitha Mission is to visit and care for the sick and the elderly

Please order with confidence. All dishes are homemade and selected from the famous Egyptian dishes

May the Lord bless their much needed service and help it grow in devout love of Jesus Christ

To place your order contact Elham at (847) 756-0731


Stuffed Grape Leaves
Fasting: $30
Not Fasting: $35

Stuffed Cabbage
Fasting: $30
Not Fasting: $35
Stuffed Eggplants Fasting: $25
Not Fasting: $35
Stuffed Peppers Fasting: $30
Not Fasting: $35
Stuffed Zuccini
Fasting: $30
Not Fasting: $35

Goulash $30

Steak with Mashroom  $50
Beef Fajita $50

Macarona Bashamel $50

Kofta $50

Fried Chicken Breast $4 /piece

Kobeba Shamy
$20 /Dozen

Falafel Dough
$5 /bag

Fiteer Meshaltet
Large:$15 - Small: $7

Kabob Halla $50

Chicken Fajitas



Chicken Shawerma $40

Roz Bel Khalta and Beef $50

Beef Shawerma
Turkey (by order)

Baklava $30

Basbousa $30

Kunafa $35

Kahk (by Order)
$20 /lb
Ghorayeba (by order)
$15 /lb
Betifore (by order)
$15 /lb